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Welcome to the wonderful world of bats!

The more facts and information we can learn about these warm blooded mammals, the more fascinated we become. The major role they play in our ecology system is vitally important to us all.

Maberry Centre Bat Homes main objective is to provide acceptable conditions for residential, business and commercial bat/duck/bird habitat, that also features less maintenance and long life, at a reasonable price.

We are constantly striving toward functional design, less maintenance, in the manufacturing of our bat homes and hope you enjoy viewing our products.



Hand crafted in the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas, U.S.A.

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New blue bird house up and the birds are checking the house out.



This visitor won't fit, but he was checking things out.


Benefits of Bats

Bats are hard at work around the world, fulfilling task that are vital to healthy ecosystems and humans economies.

Pest Control: for insectivorous bats are primary predators of night-flying insects. Bats can also be important weapons in combating insects that are actually dangerous to humans, like the West Nile Virus. As most of us are aware, Nile Virus is primarily spread through mosquitoes. Mosquitoes make up a significant portion of bat's diet. A small bat can capture more than 1,200 mosquitoes in a single hour!

Pollinators: from deserts to rainforests, nectar-feeding bats are critical pollinators for a wide variety of plants of great economic and ecological valve.

Seed dispensers: vast expanses of the world's rainforest are cleared every year for logging, agriculture, ranching and others uses.

Did you know? Bat droppings, called guano, are also beneficial. Guano is nitrogen-rich and is considered an excellent fertilizer.


 Due to the higher temperatures the last couple of years we have decided to begin utilizing two different types of insulation. #1 Reflectix insulation is made with two layers of 96% reflective metalized aluminum separated by a 5/16" enclosed air space. #2  Ownes Corning R-3.0 1/2 inch.



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